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This is our energy, our drive, that keeps us going. As long as we keep that inner fire burning, we move forward, we progress. At times life happens and makes the flame feeble. That’s when we reach out to our sources of strength - family, friends, mentors, nature, or just search within our own selves. This quest to keep the fire burning rejuvenates life and brings back the enthusiasm:). May we all keep the fire within us burning.

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Reach out to me at for pricing options and custom designs

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‘Zouve’ (pronounced zoo.v) means life or the life force in Kashmiri, which is my mother tongue. Through my art, I love to bring to life the concepts and emotions that inspire me, infusing every unique art piece with my ‘zouve’ and its pure energy. Zouve also is very nostalgic for every Kashmiri as it brings back happy memories of childhood and mother’s love – ‘Myon Zouve’, or ‘My life’ is also something that a mother would endearingly call her child.

By studying an environment - the ambience, the personality, and the culture of people around it, I try to conceptualize and capture the essence of that environment in the form of art that evokes emotion. My art style is practical, and each unique art piece abstracts the environment it represents.

My journey into creating this style of art started when I was looking for a way to stage an old silk painting. Exhausted trying to find an appealing frame, I decided to build one myself. Going through this experience, I discovered the tools and methods to express my creativity. I use fabric, wood, glass, and mirrors as main materials but I love to keep reinventing my techniques to characterize works, which flow. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Reach out to me at for pricing options and custom designs

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Each piece is hand-made with love, and no two pieces will be identical. There might also be subtle imperfections that are celebrated as a part of the beauty and uniqueness of each piece. These include variations in the materials as well as the making process.

Thank you for being my inspiration and giving me an opportunity to have my work add to the beauty of your home or the décor of your office.

Please reach out via my Instagram account or email below for Commissions, Custom orders and pricing options.

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